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I am making good progress with the house, but, as you know, I am bad at taking pictures, so am remiss in not posting any updates. Little Bug has moved into her big-girl room, complete with a twin bed, new bookshelves, my sister’s former green-painted dresser, and a green-and-white striped chair from my aunt. Once the curtains come in, I’ll post a picture. The baby’s room has been painted a light gray-blue, a striped Dash & Albert rug, and new Pottery Barn Kids crib sheets have been installed (white with light blue piping).  I also bought this vintage poster:

Not that I want to enforce gender stereotypes, but not only does it feature two of his mother’s alma maters, but the baby has a cousin who actually is currently a member of the Columbia football team. Again, just waiting for my blue-and-white ticking striped curtains to go up before I post a picture.

The basement/playroom has been repainted a creamy white and a white-ish, yet commercial grade, fully cleanable carpet has taken the place of the old, brownish-red carpet. The dining room has been painted “Golden Gate” — I’m loathe to call it orange, as the connotations of “orange” are not good — but it is gorgeous. I know a lot of our visitors liked the former, strange yellow-green color it had been painted previously, and the color was nice, but it was too washed-out for the room (which is narrow but quite long). The orange now makes it feel warm and glowing. The living room has been painted “Coastal Fog” — a taupey-gray with green undertones in the lamplight. It’s a lovely but interesting neutral that ties in the yellow, pink, and green chintz couch inherited from my mother and my new pink mohair slipper chairs until I can afford to reupholster the couch.

Today: an impulse purchase! These botanical prints, from, which I saw on the wonderful design blog Little Green Notebook (if you want a good cry, go and read Jenny’s Christmas post!)

I just love the size of these. Not sure where they will go — maybe on either side of the fireplace in the family room (which has high, vaulted ceilings), or they could be very dramatic in the much lower-ceilinged living room, perhaps over the couch.

Pictures soon, though, I promise!

Inspiration strikes

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Well, hello! Did you miss me? I’ll give you a brief update on my life over the past few months, and perhaps you’ll forgive me for not posting:

  • I’m having a baby. A boy. (What?! I could have, and probably should have, written about a dozen posts on my reaction to this. But it’s sunk in. And I’m excited, although Tim and I disagree wildly on names.)
  • We bought a house. I now live in the suburbs and own a washer and dryer and a lawnmower.

I’ve been a bit too tired and somewhat overwhelmed to post regularly. Not to mention that work has picked up slightly (a leading economic indicator?), and I have a commute. But, mostly, I just lost my some of my creative fire — my desire to write and to share.

Today, I snapped out of it. Here’s why:

Etsy stool

This is a vintage footstool, covered in orange KWID fabric. I fell in love with this print a few days ago when one of the design blog regulars on my Google reader was offering a yard of it for sale at a deep discount, but I emailed her too late and it had sold. While Etsy browsing today, I stumbled across it again. I snapped it up this time. Our new home has reignited my passion for interior design, and while I’ve been saving design images from the internet and magazines for months, this was my first real purchase for the house. The stool will go in front of the fireplace in the living room, and even though I don’t have my colors for the room completely conceptualized, clearly now orange will play some role.

What do you think?

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