Reunions 2009

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We headed down to Princeton this past Saturday for Reunions and the P-rade. It was my first Reunions with a child in tow, and, as such, I found myself chasing after a toddler more than I was chasing down beer. Nevertheless, while I looked on with some nostalgia at the drunken crowds on the Ivy dance floor post P-rade, it was a gorgeous day and worth every second of the drive to see dear friends with whom I feel like I can pick up immediately (maybe because we are all wearing orange shirts). I could quite easily digress into some serious sap, so instead I’ll pilfer directly (and with permission) from an email Lacy (a professional writer, obviously) sent out early Sunday morning (some names have been changed to protect the innocent…):


At around the Class of 2001 mark during the P-rade, Teddy produces an ice-cold bottle of white wine and cups (!) from her shoulder cooler.
Char’s discourse on the pluses and minuses of dudes in the Class of 2005.
Sage McCoy is a REDHEAD!


Little Bug with Sage, the REDHEAD (though you can’t tell here). (Also, Ed Note: Lacy, the writer of this email is herself a redhead, thus the ALLCAPS!)

The Smyth boys enraptured over the bands, tiger balloons, and mardi gras beads.


Mischievous Smyth boys, whose parents, it should be noted met at Reunions (her first, his fifth).

[Little Bug] Murphy liberating, conceivably from the grass somewhere, her own cold can of Miller Lite, and throwing the unopened can back like a pro.



[Mags], hungover, looking nevertheless effortlessly cool and chic in white capri pants, and the random boy after the P-rade who told her, “I remember you studying for Orgo.”  Yeah, we know you do, Pal.
In between chasing down a cup for Char, Dux issues a lovely monologue on a long walk through and aesthetic considerations of Manhattan.
Will Reinblock torn between a convo with Senator Frist in Ivy and the live band across the street at TI.  Very true to his genetic heritage.  On both sides.
The late afternoon sun on the Ivy front lawn, the lull before the Class of 2009 made it from Poe Field across the road, the free cookies and burgers and quiet contemplation of the fact that the building formerly called DEC is still all boarded up and weird.


The ‘Great Hall’?? [Ed note: this refers to the huge HUGE addition on Ivy. It’s like a cathedral. I suppose people could get married there…]
Absence of Sotomayer with class of ’76.
That calliope thing.
Calling people you really liked circa 1995 by the wrong names.  Twice.
The dwindling fields as absurd new dorms spring up.
Waiting to fall into the P-rade toward the upper end of Little.  Like, near Dod.  Like, golf carts are not actually that far off.


Like this picture has never been taken before — same orange, different year…

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