The Nutcracker (sort of) 2009

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You may remember that last year Little Bug came in to work at lunchtime to see the short performance of The Nutcracker that the Boston Ballet puts on in the lobby of my office building every Christmastime. This year, serendipitously, Buggy happened to come in to our firm’s backup day care on the same day. Now that she understands what a ballerina is (have you heard of Angelina Ballerina? The dancing mouse?), she loved it even more. After every three-minute-or-so performance she’d clap and yell, “More dancing! More dancing!” Auntie Jenny even came into the city at the last minute on a snowy, slushy day to join us for lunch and the performance.

Little Buggy and the dancing bear. No, the bear is not in the “real” Nutcracker but, we learned, was originally inserted into the Boston performance at the request of its former corporate sponsor, Filene’s. People loved it so much that even though Filene’s obviously is no longer a sponsor, the bear still appears every year.

The Nutcracker (corporate style)

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The owner of my very large office building treated his tenants to a production of The Nutcracker at lunchtime today, featuring actual dancers from the Boston Ballet.  The fountain was shut off in the lobby of the building and a giant stage erected in its place.  A live pianist accompanied the dancers, and though the performance was only about 40 minutes long, it featured the highlights: the Snow King and Queen, the Marzipan dancers (above), and the finale with the stiff dolls and the giant bear (see below). I called Janet and told her to walk down with Little Buggy, who, as I expected, was mesmerized! She clapped and said “Yaaaay!” and bounced up and down and wanted to jump up and dance.


Of course, her face-to-face meeting with the giant bear (below) was the highlight (yes, that’s her — you can tell by the bow on the upper right side of her head). I thought she was going to lose her mind.


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