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We celebrated an early Christmas with some Murphys last night before heading down to NJ today. Grandma Babs clearly hit the jackpot with her present to Little Bug — a ballerina outfit, complete with slippers. Of course, Buggy immediately also wanted a crown and wings so she could be a Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker (how does she remember these things?)

Interestingly, Lisa Belkin, in her NYTimes blog, “Motherlode,” posted a query this morning concerning little girls and pink. How much is too much? Do parents try to avoid it and other gender stereotyped toys, games, and assumptions? I haven’t actively avoided the whole “pink is for girls/blue is for boys”* thing, but I also have made more than a subconscious effort not to infuse Buggy’s toddler life with princesses or ballerinas or dolls. Yet, somehow she inherently gravitates to them. (See the joy in her face, above!)

*I had an ultrasound at my OB appointment yesterday. The midwife wanted to make sure the baby’s head was down. “I already know it’s a boy, so don’t worry about revealing anything,” I told her. “Oh no,” she said, “this ultrasound machine isn’t sharp enough to determine gender anyway. I just need to check the baby’s position right now.” But as she began to do the ultrasound she said, “Oh yes, it’s definitely a boy.” Now, I was secretly very relieved by this confirmation, as I had just ordered some decidedly “boyish” blue-and-white ticking stripe curtains. Not that blue curtains wouldn’t have been lovely in a girl’s room…but, I do love pink and would at least have tried to get some last-minute pink trim or something put on them had the ultrasound revealed otherwise!

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