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I was sworn in yesterday and so can now dispense legal advice and be sued for it. The swearing in ceremony was actually lovely. It was in Faneuil Hall, and it was an official session of the court, meaning we had to “all rise” when the justice of the Supreme Judicial Court (Massachusetts’ highest court) walked in. We took oaths of allegiance to the Massachusetts constitution, the U.S. constitution, and took a lawyers’ oath that dated from 1638 (or something like that) in which we pledged not to accept any “filthy lucre.”


Chief clerk Maura Doyle — who, as anyone who attended the ceremony knows, is kind of a hoot — standing in front of a huge painting depicting John Adams debating Daniel Webster.

As you can see, I was sitting in the front row for the ceremony. They ask you ahead of time if you will be bringing small children, and if you answer yes, you get to sit up front so that you can be the first ones to sign your name in the ledger and accept your license and then to leave. This was a good thing, since my child was the one howling up in the balcony, and it was my child you could hear yelling, “Dada! Dada! Up! Up! Noooo!” through the doors even after Tim took her out to the hallway, where¬† apparently the two of them spent most of the ceremony climbing up and down the stairs. My mother and Henry drove up for the ceremony, and my mother came up on stage with me to hand me my license, which was rather poignant and symbolic — I think we both appreciated the moment.

It’s been a long road! But here I am — if you need any legal advice relating to corporate or non profit taxes, or maybe even partnership distribution, tax exempt bonds, or 409A benefit compliance, feel free to give me a call. I can maybe read a lease or a contract for you, but I don’t think I can defend you on any criminal charges.¬†Quite yet.

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