Free food…

December 9, 2008 at 8:23 pm | Posted in gastronomy, the firm | Leave a comment
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…is usually never a good idea. Why do I always forget that? It’s not as if, just because it’s free, you should eat it (all of it). To wit: I just braved the 7:30 dinner rush in the firm cafeteria. I was starving (7:30 is too late for me to be having dinner) and got caught up in the rush of the person slinging “brown” (it was more like orange) rice, watery squash and fried scallops (questionable, but delicious) onto plates as fast as she could. I got caught up in the free bags of chips, the free cookies. And everyone scarfing it all down in 10 minutes to get back to his or her desk. And now I feel utterly gross. I mean, so gross I just don’t know what to do with myself. My coworker, with whom I “dined” ┬áis about to hit the gym (after that meal? At this hour? More power to him). Oh well. I shall just start afresh tomorrow.

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