Election Day 2008

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As I settle in with MSNBC (we are addicts) and my laptop (to work while watching returns) on this historic night, a few pictures from the day. 


The one-and-a-half hour line to vote at the Boston Public Library at 7 a.m.


Little Bug and her dad stand in line.

I spent the afternoon at WilmerHale answering an Election Protection hotline, where voters (mostly in Massachusetts) called in with questions such as “If I moved and didn’t re-register at my new address, can I still vote?” (If you’ve moved in the last 18 months, you can go to your old polling place. If you moved less recently than that, you need to go to your new polling place and fill out a provisional ballot. Which, unfortunately, probably won’t be counted.)  There was a mishap in Cambridge this morning where the election workers showed up with the wrong voter registration lists, so people who had voted in the same place for years were told they were not registered.  That was solved, but a lot of people had to cast provisional ballots (although those most likely will be counted).  Some people were kind of crazy (“Can you see if I’m registered? I’m not? Well, I’d like to register now and say I’m voting Republican!”) The lawyer working the phones next to me (someone I know from my PPLM work) kept getting really interesting calls: four-hour waits in Chinatown, white powder discovered at a polling place in Rhode Island.  My calls were fairly tame.

I’m giddy with excitement.  I love election night, even when it’s just a year of Congressional races.  I remember spending 2004 with the Blocks in Jamaica Plain, a rather glum night. 

I received an email yesterday from a Boston lawyer I know — a successful Renaissance man whom I might have guessed was, like many successful lawyers I know, lured into the Republican fold by his distaste for having his hard-earned wealth taxed.  Instead, he wrote this eloquent request:

“The time is finally here to cast our votes to elect our finest President since Franklin Roosevelt.  One equipped, as FDR was, to return America to a Republic placing its citizens’ welfare above that of the wealthy and the powerful.  An America where “sweet reason” is the coin of discourse and we regain the respect of our fellow nations.  I believe we all want to say to our children and grandchildren, “we stood with Obama on election day” and therefore I hope and trust you will!  
PS:  For my Republican friends, its not a vote for either Party, but for a fresh start for America.



Obama baby.

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