How to be an almost lawyer a lawyer and  mother (with, I’d like to think, a life).  And other stuff about politics, the media, wine, the realm of celebrity gossip, Massholes (i.e., life in Boston the suburbs), and Starbucks.

Brought to you by:  a former journalist, former Jersey girl (you can take the girl out of Jersey…), and former (but struggling to make a comeback!) yogi.  Who likes commas and parentheses.

I write because I always have, because I love to. I write for other moms, other lawyers, other lawyer-moms. I write for my family and friends, to keep my connection to them when I feel otherwise consumed by trying to be the aforementioned lawyer-mom. Mostly, however, I write for myself.


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  1. Thanks so much Kathryn. I was browsing the web and looking for some questions I had, such as “Can you have a family while first year lawyer?” and your post from Washingtonpost.com popped up, really it helped me feel more relaxed, I plan on going to law school within the next year. My fiance and I were concerned about how law school would put a stop to a future family, having kids before I’m 30 is my dream, but anyways, I wanted to thank you for the post, because it just shows that you can balance it all and that nothing is really “impossible”. I hope the best success in your near future law career.

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    I have been in PR for 10 years and have thought on and off about going to law school for many of the same reasons you mentioned in one of your blog posts. I would love to hear your thoughts on your decision, what it’s been like and any helpful advice you can give me on making my own decision. My fears are that I will drop out of my (relatively) successful career, incur thousands in student loans, and then not be happy, either, as a lawyer (although it seems like something I would really enjoy). I also worry about eventually having a family with such a demanding career (I’m 31 and married). Any thoughts are welcome!


  3. It is October 21. I just caught up on your blog for the last few weeks. I LOVE your blog.

  4. Just found your blog. Love it. Your life is how I envision mine will be in 5 years, so hearing how you juggle the struggle is beneficial. I will be a wife and lawyer in Boston soon and eventually a mother. My days at Berkeley remind me of your time in LA. Keep writing please…I enjoy it.

    Would love to hear more about how you met your husband and when you met him in terms of your law school career?

  5. On the surface, nothing in common. Except our love of commas (and parenthases). But then you look deeper, and would you believe, we’re both from Jersey…
    from Gin at http://highmountainmuse.wordpress.com/

  6. Have you heard of Ayelet Waldman? You may like her. She was on NPR’s Fresh Air today: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103794433

  7. Are you not blogging anymore? Miss your posts.

  8. hello-

    I am truly inspired by this blog. I am from Los Angeles, but have been living in New York for two years: a transition that has kicked my butt and humbled me in almost every way possible.

    I have been flirting with the idea of law school since I was 15. I am now 32 and have decided to take the LSAT and apply in December. Sometimes I really feel like I am starting out too late, and then search the internet for other intelligent life forms whom have made radical changes in their 30s and lived to tell the tale.

    Many thanks for having the courage to blog about your experience.


  9. Hi Kathryn – Like a few before me, I found your site by searching “mother” and “lawyer”. I am contemplating both – I was wondering if you might allow me to ask you a few questions about your experience? You seem to be a very good resource. If you have the time, please shoot me an email.
    – Leigh

  10. Great post.

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