Dear Santa

December 17, 2010 at 10:00 pm | Posted in little bug | 3 Comments

Dear Santa,

If one’s three-year-old dictates a letter to you and asks for

a “princess wind-up toy box that plays beautiful music,”

and then, in every subsequent meeting with you (of which there have been several, to her delight and, happily, utter non-confusion), asks for the same,

do you think she means a wind-up princess music thing-y (which isn’t actually a “box”),

or a wind up music box that just so happens to feature a ballerina (not a princess)?

Both have been, um, acquired. But I am at a loss as to which should be under the tree Christmas morning.

All advice welcome.

Thank you. Merry Christmas. I love you, Santa, too.



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  1. Easy: no contest: the ballerina. The box is important.
    Princesses can be ballerinas too. No chance she’ll protest; if she happens to, just say, Well sweetie, what makes you think that ballerina’s not a PRINCESS ballerina?

  2. I assumed jewelery box.

  3. Box. Princesses and ballerina are essentially the same thing. And keeping one’s things in a box away from the prowling eyes of one’s little brother is very important.

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