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April 6, 2010 at 9:30 am | Posted in SAHM, Starbucks | 2 Comments
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Lindsey at A Design So Vast tagged me to reveal what’s in my bag. Lest I try to manipulate reality to make me seem more organized or stylish than I am these days, I took a photo of my bag and its contents the moment I read her blog post. Thus, the Starbucks background in the shots below.

Actually, 75% of the time I do not carry around a purse. I stick my iPhone in my pocket and lug around my five-pound wallet (the baby’s carseat is a convenient place in which to tote said wallet). I have gorgeous Kate Spade diaper bag filled with all sorts of baby and toddler necessities, but I only drag that around for extended outings (a trip to Starbucks does not qualify).

The bag:

Neutral patent leather for spring. It’s quite small because I really only use it for going out to dinner or when it pinch hits as an abbreviated diaper bag, as it did on this particular day (see below).

The contents:

Thanks you notes for baby presents, my enormous green wallet, bottle of milk, black fountain pen for thank you notes, Charlie Card (this had been long-lost until this exercise made me empty out the pockets of this bag!), pacifier, and five — yes five (?!) — lipsticks/lipglosses, which are all generally the same color red (from left to right: CoverGirl Lipslicks, Clinique Black Honey gloss, Mac 3D, Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick, Benefit Benetint). The iPhone is not in the picture not only because I used it to take the photo (duh), but because it’s usually in my hand, my pocket, or the drink holder of the car.

In case you are wondering, the baby is perched in his carseat to the left of this picture. Otherwise, I might not walk around with a bottle of milk or a pacifier in my bag…

Thanks, Linds, for this fun diversion!

I tag:

One of the Three Clever Sisters (though it most likely will be Karen or Marie, unless Sara feels like a break from nesting with her brand new baby boy!)

Jessica of Mommy Wants a Drink

Birthday girl Kristin of Mommy, Esq.


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  1. Good thing I just switched purses! I’ll do this later today. I guess technically I should do both my purse and my work bag. I wonder how many lipsticks I have (that I never use)?

  2. Hi–found you through Lindsey. This is fun and very brave. I have no idea what lingers in the bottom level of my “suitcase” purses (as so aptly tagged by my husband). I have the same green Kate Spade wallet and also suffer from a similar lipstick/gloss situation. I’ll be back to read again.

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