Thank you…

March 6, 2010 at 1:07 pm | Posted in little bug, Little O, SAHM, Starbucks, weekend | 2 Comments

… thank you to everyone who emailed me, both via the comments and privately, after my “So Lonely” post. I felt both supported and relieved — that my feelings are not unique, that I’m not going crazy, and that, most important, as the weather gets nicer and I get some sleep, things will start to seem more routine. Caring for an infant is inherently isolating — you’re a slave to feeding schedules and diaper changes and, in the winter, the weather. And so on this sunny, lamb-like March day, things seem a little brighter. 

Besides, how could this face not cheer you up a bit?

Or this one? (She is saying, “Cheese!” by the way.) Taking the advice of almost everyone, I took the plunge and hired a babysitter. Little Buggy and I thus made it out of the house yesterday for a Starbucks run (of course) and then storytime at the library. Just getting two hours alone with her seemed to make her noticeably less clingy. Plus, we actually had a lot of fun. 

And then, as my family always does in difficult times, they showed up. Erin was in town for the weekend, so she and Jennifer stopped by to be doting aunties.

My mother and Henry made an appearance, as well. Here are Little Buggy and my mother, having a tea party.  In her sweetest, most non-terrible-two-ish way she asked, “Can you have a tea party with me, Mimi?” 

And so I’ll keep trying to enjoy this gorgeous spring weekend before things turn lion-ish again. Which inevitably, they will, but it is inspiring and encouraging to know that so many people reading this blog have paved this path ahead of me. Again, thank you.



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  1. I love the day being described as “lamb-like”. We are in Vermont and it certainly is. I agree our children’s faces can cheer us up, if we let them. And if they do not, there’s always Starbucks. Someone once mentioned (when I was feeling lonely and isolated) when my son was an infant that some of their most special moments were in the middle of the night. I cannot say I totally agree but it made me savor them and try to find the special-ness there.
    Good luck.

  2. Two thumbs up! Your children are precious.

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