One month later…

March 2, 2010 at 12:07 pm | Posted in little bug, Little O, SAHM, Starbucks, the 'burbs, wine | 5 Comments

Has it really been one month since Little O came along? Of course, we cannot imagine life without him. At the same time, the past four weeks have been far from smooth sailing, mostly because our Little Buggy, in the throws of the terrible twos anyway, does not really love being a big sister. Sometimes she wants to hold, “MY baby,” but mostly when I have him in the Baby Bjorn or am trying to nurse him, she decides she wants to be in my lap. “He wants to go in his swing,” she tells me. We have watched a LOT of movies.  Little Bug has had two ear infections (one in each ear). The weather has been cold and gloomy, so we don’t get out much. 

But it’s March. Those of us in New England know that it really doesn’t get warm until June, but, each year, March begins with promise. The air is just a tangibly warmer, softer (I think). The Red Sox are down at spring training. Chez Murphy, we now have a double stroller and two potential graduate-student babysitters to help me out a bit and allow me to spend some quality time with the Little Bug. Little O can sleep for five hours at a stretch. 

I have a veritable gold mine of topics to write about as I navigate my stint as a stay-at-home-mom. So stay tuned. But, for now, I’ll leave you with some images of the last month…

Friday night + baby + trashy mag

7 a.m.

Spring training

We are still doing a lot of dancing

Lindsey and Grace come for a much-needed visit!

Little Buggy and I hit Starbucks for some quality time (is this self-serving? I refuse to believe it!)

The hat was knit by the insanely talented Sara

6 p.m. Oh red wine, how I’ve missed you…

I used to mock people with double jogging strollers



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  1. Ha, ha. We have the Bob, I love it. More importantly our Nanny loves it. No good triple stroller options for two toddlers with one infant (some options for the other way around). I miss wine – especially when I’m in work hell. Don’t know how you’re doing this without your nanny!

  2. He is just beautiful, and seems very aware of his surroundings at this tender age. Having a younger brother myself, I sympathize with LB as she makes this difficult adjustment. Time wounds all heals, as they say. I’m looking forward to catching up with you in person.

  3. Look at that polka dot adorableness.
    He looks like Ellie to me at that age in the top picture.
    PS thank you note (TOT unnecessary) arrived today and that is some TDF stationery!

  4. I can’t wait to hear what you think about SAHMing (it is a verb, you know!) Keep the posts coming. Congratulations on baby O and on getting dressed this morning-every task is a victory!

  5. Red wine–I’ve been inhaling the aroma as that’s all I can do for the next few weeks. Is “sniffing” wine bad?

    I’m so glad you got that iphone for pictures!

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