Christmas list

December 7, 2009 at 5:49 pm | Posted in gastronomy | 2 Comments

I honestly don’t want for a thing, so if a family member on either side has me for his or her “grab” (the only way one can sanely give presents in a family with nine children, plus spouses, and 14+ grandchildren), really anything for my kitchen would be nice (cookbooks, cookbook holders, platters, pineapple corers, whatever — I finally have space to move beyond the bare bones kitchen basics!)

Or maybe this:

It’s called the Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker, and apparently Williams-Sonoma only carries it around the holidays. How insanely indulgent would this be? How many times do you think I’d use it? Alas, I should probably focus on acquiring some good knives or something first (knives that, say, actually cut cleanly through an apple, as opposed to stuttering through with much peril to your fingers, as my old and cheap knives do).


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  1. Oh I know. I didn’t realize it was a holidays only thing. I ALWAYS look at that and say to Mike “isn’t this cool? But it’s kind of pricey, isn’t it?” I have two espresso makers I picked up in Spain for 15$. I never use them though becasue I like lattes and heating up a pan of milk alongside the moka pot, now that’s just unreasonably difficult, isn’t it? It’s that which makes me hesitant. But if you put it on your Xmas list, and someone ELSE gets it for you, that’s different, right?

    Also, I did do the math and have “amortized” my moka pot (by figuring how much a latte costs at starbucks, etc). This is like 100$ right? So how many lattes would you have to make? (Yes, I’m a co-worker of Ms. Marbury here which is the only reason I have tried to amortize the cost of a coffee pot. Tax law is sexy, etc etc).

    The other thing is I have a TREMENDOUS weakness for kitchen doo-dads. Though I have not busted out my blender from last Xmas, I just realized. Oops.

  2. That made no sense. I was talking about the similar latte/capuccino bialetti that williams sonoma sells. I made a little mental leap there from your mention of a hot choc maker and didn’t explain. Anyhooo…too bad I can’t edit my prior comment.

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