First snow

December 6, 2009 at 8:03 pm | Posted in little bug, tax law is sexy, the 'burbs, the firm, weekend | Leave a comment
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And, just like that — December 6 — it’s Christmastime.

Little Bug woke up and saw the snow and shouted, “I want to build a snow-man!” We tried…

…but all we could manage in the light fluffy snow was a snow turtle.

I’m not sure she bought it.

Somehow, I still managed to bill 8.5 hours today. Oh, I know how: I worked from 3-7 a.m., and then went into the office after lunch, leaving Tim and Little Bug to nap, watch football, and go to the market. I was wide awake at 2:50 this morning:  heartburn, post-nasal drip, and a stiff neck from trying to sleep propped up on three pillows thanks to the former two symptoms. My mind was racing thinking about all the work I missed Thursday and Friday while isolated in our family sanitarium. So I just got up and worked. The snow had stopped and outside it was utterly silent.  My little home office was warm and bright, I was snug in my fleece robe and wool slippers, and I accomplished more in those peaceful four hours than I would have had I even been in on Friday, or likely will tomorrow.


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