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I wish I could redo our entire house tomorrow, even though I know I’d want to change things in a few years — because then I could just redecorate all over again! As you might know, I am a bit obsessed with interior design. I hope we’ll be here for years — decades — however, so I’m forcing myself to take my time. Tim would like to hang all the pictures and just pick some chairs for the family room tomorrow, but I want to live here for a bit and slowly consider what will work for spaces, both color-wise and practically for a house that will have small children in it for awhile (the day my sister took a purple paint pen to my mother’s newly upholstered x-stools is seared into my memory). 

My sister is the artist in the family: she has an inherent sense of color and scope and scale (and degrees in studio art, art history, and graphic design…) But over the year or so I’ve been obsessed with my design blogs, I’ve learned a few things: what resonates with me (white and wood, orange and pink); design techniques (symmetry, piping), brands (Madeline Weinrib, Jonathan Adler, Ruby Green), and even “famous” designers. I know how I want our home to feel: a mix of casual and formal that is, most important, exquisitely inviting. When I come home I want to feel as I do when I go home to my mother’s — a sense of calmness and ease, but with delights to the eye and senses. 

I have inherited some beautiful pieces of furniture from my mother and aunt: a marble console for the living room, a needlepoint rug for the bedroom, a dining set, a perfectly proportioned couch. some gorgeous lamps (this is not an exhaustive list, Mom!). I also have purchased a few things I really love: my turquoise Robert Abbey lamps, my West Elm kitchen chairs, my Parsons desk. And now the fun part is putting them all together, slowly choosing the palette and filling in the gaps.

Here is my first big purchase for the house, being installed even as I post:  a runner for the front stairs.


The sample


The inspiration

When the previous owners added on to the house, they added a “back stairs,” which really are the main stairs in the house now. So my thinking is that when you do pass these less-traveled front stairs, or happen to actually use them, the print will be an unexpected, stylish surprise. I’m so thrilled about this — I’ll post some pictures of the installation tomorrow!

I’m also pondering:

  • These chairs for the living room.


Note that the walls are not staying red!

The living room is very narrow, so the furniture has to be proportional. I have always loved slipper chairs. These are a bit more formal and substantial, in that the backs are higher than normal slipper chairs (see the white chairs with much lower backs flanking the fireplace in the inspiration photo, below?)


The fabric is a gorgeous pink mohair. Not sure if the fabric will work with the overall color scheme (not to mention, is pink mohair practical for a home with kids? I could have them recovered, but as is I can get them very very inexpensively — if I reupholster, it will sort of negate the economic argument buying them in the first place — they’re on loan for now). My idea is to arrange the room like the one above. 


  • This wallpaper for my office.


The office is the smallest “bedroom” — there is no closet, so it really isn’t a true bedroom. My white Parsons desk will be in here, and I’m planning to get some white bookcases from Ikea. I want my office to be a place I want to be in, so that when I have to work from home, working in my office will make me happy (is that too idealistic?). I just fell in love with this print — the color, the scale. But is it too overwhelming for the room? Will it be inspiring or distracting? My gut says that it will be perfect. But this sample is going to sit on my wall for awhile. 


What do you think? Stay tuned for updates…


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  1. LOVE the wallpaper for your office (especially after seeing it in person)! Gorgeous. It’s a small space though and that much print and color could make it feel smaller. Which is not necessarily a bad thing if you’re going for a small and cozy feeling. If not, you might want to think about only papering one wall and painting the others a cool white or some other neutral that will help to create the illusion of space. Just a thought!
    p.s. The new runner is to die for!!

  2. Where is your wallpaper from? I love it and would love to get it myself!

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