Happy Halloween: Weekend in the ‘burbs

November 2, 2009 at 9:14 am | Posted in little bug, the 'burbs, weekend | 1 Comment


I loved Halloween in Back Bay — the big party at Clarendon Street Playground (complete with hayrides), the spooky front yards, and the kids running up and down the brownstone steps. Halloween in the suburbs proved to be very similar to the Halloweens of my childhood — jack’o’lanterns, dads herding kids up and down the street while moms stay home to pass out candy, and the two waves of trick-or-treaters — the little kids shortly after dark, the older kids showing up after you thought you were done for the night (with questionable effort put into their costumes — a t-shirt and mask just doesn’t cut it, kids…) 


Little Bug — little ladybug! — wasn’t so sure of the whole routine at first. “I want to go to my home,” she said at one point. But then we ran into our neighbors Kate and May (two other two-year-old girls) and their parents and hit a couple of houses with them, and she started to get into it. As we were walking home, finally, her pumpkin bucket full of candy that she’d never eat, she said, happily, “I’m in Halloween!” 


Fortunately, what she remembered about Halloween night was the costumes (she woke up this morning saying, “I want to be a witch! I want to be a scarecrow!”), and, so far, not the candy. 


This weekend also was spent raking and jumping in leaves. Tim raked the whole yard on Saturday, only to have to re-rake Sunday after Saturday’s wind and late-night rain. Buggy is a big help.



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  1. I don’t see how little bug could possibly eat that huge breakfast!

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