The gang gets back together

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To kick off our Memorial Day weekend, Little Bug and I went to meet our old “baby group” friends at a park for a late afternoon playdate. These women were in my Isis Great Beginnings class, about which I have written before, and they shared those first few sleepless, confusing weeks with me, as we watched our babies scream and spit up (especially mine), while we sat in a circle and learned about how to take care of them, I guess — although mostly I remember it as a place to voice insecurities and frustrations with nursing, husbands, and flabby stomachs. It sounds totally yuppie (obviously) and even slightly touch-feely (OK, very), but it was a wonderful experience, and I’m lucky to have had such a support group.

Some of us have gone back to work to varying degrees, some of us have since had new babies, but we have kept in touch, via email and Facebook. I know that some of the moms and babies see each other pretty regularly, and I miss that camaraderie. But as we marveled over the size of our kids yesterday (especially my daughter’s size 8 shoes at 22.5 months!), I realized that these friendships started off with such a shared intensity of experience that it’s quite easy to pick up where you left off.


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