Good Friday

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It’s Good Friday, and I am at work. I realized this morning that I have never worked on Good Friday before. The good lord knows that I am hardly an observant Catholic anymore; however, I feel strangely guilty for being here (even though it’s not like I would be in church or something otherwise).

Good Friday used to mean those three hours Masses where you weren’t allowed to sit down. Catholicism is still a central tenant of my identity, more cultural than religious, but to this day if I go to a church service that is not Catholic, it doesn’t quite feel like church (even an Episcopal service — the Lord’s Prayer is just ever so slightly different at the end…)

We’re not going to church this weekend.* And I hadn’t really thought about making an Easter basket for Little Buggy (to my mother’s horror — but don’t worry: we have been invited to some Easter egg hunts with friends and their children, so at least she can observe that pagan ritual). I do sometimes wonder if I’m doing the right thing by not introducing religion to my child. Tim would argue that we are absolutely doing the right thing, but I think his more traditional (think: lots of kids, Catholic school) religious upbringing has scarred him more than it has me. Still, a nice, liberal, welcoming church with lots of music and stories of love and goodness (such as the church in which we baptized Buggy — see my prior post on that lovely day, here) would be something I could get into — if it didn’t conflict with naptime.

I’m surprised that today is not a holiday at the Firm — it’s a market holiday, and we are in one of the most Catholic cities in the country. The halls seem somewhat quiet today, and I haven’t received many emails, so even though this is no longer a religious holiday for me, I think I shall mark it in my own way by sneaking out a bit early, taking a long run on the river in the spring sunshine, and taking my baby to the playground.

*In addition to this being Easter weekend, it is also Master’s Weekend, a holiday in its own right that borders on the religious in our house. You think I’m kidding.



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  1. Some random thoughts, on this leisurely quasi-vacation day:

    -I was trying to remember today if I have ever had Good Friday off from a job before. It seems so long ago (before this attorney gig) that I was gainfully employed that I cannot remember.

    -On the church thing: we have not been in months and I really miss it. We will go on Sunday, and it will be joyous, and epic, and I will say, why don’t we do this every week?

    -Why do cats KNOW when you have purchased something for them (such as a Drinkwell water fountain, to promote hydration) and go out of their way to hate it and play with the box instead?

  2. You’ll have to explain Master’s weekend to me. Is this some sports thing I have managed to remain ignorant of?

    Have a great weekend. If it makes you feel better, little E is still a pagan baby 😉

  3. (and while I am not Catholic I am from the Bible belt…which has its own special way…)

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