No, I’m not in Paris

April 7, 2009 at 7:33 am | Posted in law school, the firm | 3 Comments

Apparently, some people want to know where I have been. Am I not writing because I’ve run off on sabbatical and am now in Paris, typing this into my iPhone (because I bought one as soon as I ditched the firm-issued Blackberry) whilst sipping Cote du Rhone in a cafe on the Seine (with Little Buggy speaking fluent toddler French next to me)? Sadly, no. Well, sad that I’m not in Paris. Not sad that I’m not on a sabbatical (read on…).

A loyal blog reader (and friend) emailed me this morning to see what had happened to me now that I’ve disappeared from the Internet (as you might remember from last year, she is the friend who gave up Facebook for Lent. She has done so again this year, so she cannot keep tabs on me that way, either…) I sent her back a quick email and thought I’d post it here both in the interest of time and for a brief update:

Dear K,

Yes, the blog has suffered a bit as of late. I’m trying not to feel guilty about it (isn’t that ridiculous?) But I don’t really have the energy — by the time I come home, put Buggy to bed, cook dinner (sometimes), and do some work (and maybe even exercise somewhere in there — but not usually!) — all I can do is watch Gossip Girl or read one Talk of the Town before I lose all brain functionality. Being a working mom is hard! (But being a working-anything is hard, and being a mom-anything is hard, so I’m not really complaining.)
No, I did not take the firm up on the sabbatical offer. After talking to a bunch of people here, I realized that, while the firm was very happy to have people take the fellowship option, the sabbatical might not be the smartest move for a first-year lawyer. At least with the fellowship you could be doing something related to the legal world. I think the sabbatical is more for fourth-years who might quit soon anyway so that they can go take cooking lessons for a year; I also heard that this option was offered in response to a lot of guys who wanted more paternity leave (supposedly). Also, when I think about it, I have a MASSIVE [I used an expletive in the actual email] load of loans. That made me too scared!
Anyway, it was sort of a hard choice — but, rationally, not really that hard. Being in the tax department, I’m fairly busy (but not TOO busy, which is good!) I worry about the future of the legal profession. Well, no, I don’t — it’s a stupid model that has far too inexperienced people billing out way too much. But I don’t want it to change until  pay off my loans (and I’m retroactively pissed at BC for not giving me any financial aid…but that’s a whole other story…)
Please let me know how you are doing!
xoxo [I sign all my letters this way now. Guess why.]


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  1. Thanks for the update! You should know that after catching an old episode a few weeks ago, I now want to name my future dog Handsome. Or Beautiful, if we adopt a girl.

  2. I would recommend you put as much $$ toward your private loans as humanly possible. Even if the stock market falls you get a 100% return on paying off higher interest debt. Don’t worry about your consolidated federal loans assuming they are fixed (or really low interest rate). We used my first 3 bonuses at The Firm to pay off my private loans. We also bought a house that we can afford if I am laid off.

    P.S. I am impressed you exercise. I think I should try to do that while I’m slow at work.

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