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February 25, 2009 at 12:41 pm | Posted in celebrity obsession, Oprah, politics, read this, running | 1 Comment


Once again, Michelle Obama inspires me.  This time, it is her arms.  If a working mother of two young children — who is undoubtedly far, far busier than I — can have sculpted arms, I have no excuse. 

My love for Michelle (can I call her Michelle?) cannot be simply be that of the flighty “girl-crush” used for actresses and the like.  Instead, I would compare it more to that of my grandmother for Jackie Kennedy — we catch a glimpse of our best selves (not to get all Oprah!) in the First Lady.  My grandmother saw a stylish, educated, barrier-breaking Catholic woman; I see an educated, lawyer-mom not afraid to stand up for herself — and Michelle’s barrier-breaking quality is not so much race as it is a woman who is living the life so many of us do — juggling work and kids and doing so openly and, hopefully, honestly.

In any event, just as Michelle inspired me to stop dithering about heading off to work as a corporate lawyer (remember this piece?), she has motivated me to stop dithering about exercise. My running clothes are sitting at my feet, under my desk, and if I don’t walk out this door at 5 p.m. to sneak in a run before heading home, I’ll have all of you to answer to!

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  1. Here here to Michelle! I think you just like her because she is Princeton though. I know how you people operate.

    I’ll watch for you on my way out at 5. (Maybe you can inspire me. I’ve justified my walk to the commuter rail and back as my exercise).

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