It’s never too early for a capella

December 8, 2008 at 9:19 am | Posted in little bug, music, weekend | 2 Comments
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Future Tigression?

Yesterday I took the Little Bug to Hill House in Beacon Hill because I had heard there would be holiday a cappella (a capella? The spelling of this word has eluded me since 1993). I love Christmas carols (indeed, Christmas is just about the only time of year I go to church, for the sole reason that I can sing carols), and I love a cappella carols. This group, Noteworthy, was from Emerson College and they were quite good! Certainly the Tigressions never could have pulled off “I Don’t Want a Lot for Christmas” complete with a beat box. So it was sort of shameless self-indulgence for me, but the Little Bug — not all that surprisingly — loved it. She was mesmerized, and once she got over her shyness, walked right up to the singers and started dancing the middle of them. Of course, they loved it and were singing right to her. A wonderful, snowy afternoon topped off with hot chocolate at Cafe Vanille with Kara and Will and Auntie Meg.


Snow angel



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  1. she is such a dancer. just like her auntie godmother.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Let us know the next time something like this is happening!

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