November 30, 2008 at 5:05 pm | Posted in Massholes, weekend, wine | 1 Comment

Despite my decrepit cold, which refuses to go away, I’m grateful I had a long weekend to lounge around and try to recover.  Witness the scene below:  after seven (out of nine) Murphys descended on my house for pre-dinner cocktails — a whirlwind of wine bottles, wise cracks, and tales of teenage-Murphy woe (they were bad! Bad!) — I found myself alone on the couch (Tim had gone with them, of course; I stayed home with my Little Bug and my poor coughing self), and partaking in the most delightful night a tired girl could imagine:


Yes, that would be the SATC movie — which I’d not yet seen!! — and, yes, that would be a bottle of wine, despite my illness (because what is Nyquil, really? I figured I’d just begin the process a little earlier, and with the real deal). And that would be our fireplace, the reason — despite drafty windows and the occasional mouse — I could stay in our apartment forever.


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  1. What a perfect evening, notwithstanding the cold. The closest we have come to a fire in our apartment is when I briefly set fire to an oven mitt on Thursday. Even that was relaxing and nostalgic, so I can imagine how nice a fire in a fireplace would be.

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