“Working” from home

November 26, 2008 at 11:41 am | Posted in little bug, the firm | Leave a comment
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I have a cold. Another one. The second in almost as many weeks. When I started my internship last January and was back in an office setting, I also immediately came down with cold after cold. I think I have a lousy immune system to begin with (because I was formula fed baby? my predisposition to a million allergies?), exacerbated by not enough sleep or water on a daily basis. (Or, for that matter, vegetables or fruit?  I have a horrible diet these days of Starbucks, pasta, and cheese.) I actually stayed home from work yesterday — I felt the cold coming on Monday, and tried to stave it off with Airborne, but didn’t want to subject my office-mate to another day of sneezing and sniffling.  It was a good thing I stayed home, too:  I slept for almost the entire day.  Went back to bed as soon as our nanny arrived at 8 a.m., woke up close to noon and got on a brief phone call with a senior associate (who told me to take care of myself and that nothing was an emergency — that was nice), and went back to bed until nearly 5 p.m. And then was asleep again at 8 p.m. I felt like I could have slept even more, too. Today I have forced myself out of bed and across the bedroom to my desk, but so far have not really managed to get much work done. Which means I have 16.5 hours to make up, although as a friend pointed out, it’s highly doubtful that there will be any significant 2009 bonuses (if any!), so one shouldn’t stress about hitting that 1900 hour target. Nevertheless, the super-achiever/need-to-please student in me still feels guilty/nervous about the missed time.

Working from home is, in theory, a lovely idea. Wake up at a normal hour and then hit the gym (at, say 7:30 or 8 a.m. as opposed to 5:30 a.m.). With no commute, you can be sitting at your computer at 9 a.m., unshowered and in sweats. However, I find it difficult to stay motivated, especially with a Little Buggy knocking on the bedroom door, “Mama!” “Mama?” She knows I’m in here, and I feel terrible ignoring her. Once she’s in school (someday), I can see how working at home would be a nice option, especially as it would leave room to drop her off and pick her up, but, for now, I actually do like getting dressed (up) and heading into my fancy office.


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