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Sadly, I’m not really reading anything that’s not a weekly magazine (US Weekly, People, New Yorker — a few articles, at least — and Newsweek, which has had such spectacular election coverage that it’s back on my must read list…). Before I was a real lawyer (i.e., a student who could surf the web during class), I read a ton of blogs. A TON. But when the “unread” list on my Google Reader climbed to more than 1,000, I knew I had to cut it down. Now I do a quick check first thing in the morning and then usually while I eat my lunch at my desk. You’ll see I read mostly design blogs (have significantly paired down my list to a few favorites) and blogs by people I know. I also check the New York Times website all day long and sometimes Above the Law, but the comments on that blog are so hostile that I kind of want to boycott it out of protest. Since my office desk is positioned so my back is to the door — and everyone walking by can thus see my computer screen — I hardly ever read Perez anymore, and feel much, much less well versed in trashy gossip, which leaves me feeling exposed. Anyway, below is my current reading list:

  • A Design So Vast (written by a very close friend from college — a beautiful snapshot of motherhood and life)
  • Absolutely Beautiful Things (a design blog by an Australian woman who I would like to come decorate my house — her taste mirrors mine almost exactly!)
  • Corpette (a blog about fashion and such for “professional” women — they always have links to good sales)
  • Decorno (a snarky design blog, although it’s not really solely about design. It’s just pretty much snarky. I love it.)
  • Dr. French Fry (the life of a second-year med student who may or may not be related to me)
  • eating sushi with impunity (about the life of a first-year, “big-law” associate — written by a good law school friend)
  • elements of style (my favorite design blog written by an up-and-coming Boston decorator who someday will design my dream house!)
  • girl meets glamour (design blog)
  • Habitually Chic (design blog)
  • milk and honey (design blog by someone I’d also like to have design my home someday — and since I know her, she might actually do it!)
  • Past the Bar (although because she just passed the California bar, I noticed upon checking it today she has changed the name to “Passed the Bar.”  Anyway, it’s a witty blog written by another law school friend, who also has a companion blog, Fortune’s Feast, about rediscovering her Chinese heritage through cooking. It makes my mouth water.)
  • Pax Arcana (words cannot even describe the theory behind this blog, but suffice it to say, it’s hilarious. And also may or may not be written by someone to whom I’m related.)
  • The Kids Want a Camel (written by a friend from college — a once and perhaps future attorney who was until very recently a stay-at-home mom in Florida. In the past month, however, she has packed up her three small girls and her father and moved to join her husband Dubai for his job. Fortunately, she’s a wonderful, funny, and prolific writer, and it has been fun to learn about life with a driver and, yes, those malls…)
  • The Elmo Wallpaper (written by woman with whom I went to college, who left a glamorous Hollywood career to stay at home with her three small boys in, again, Florida. She too is prolific and has a wry sense of humor which makes the mundane seem real and poignant.)

I also have on my Google Reader another friend’s blog, but since it consists solely of the most precious, adorable pictures of her new baby, I won’t link to it here (I think it’s really only for family and friends), although I must say that looking at those new pictures every morning brightens my day. I have one more friend who keeps a password protected blog about her fabulous ex-pat life, which recently has become less fabulous and more exhausted with the arrival of her new baby.

And you wonder why it’s difficult to bill 8.25 hours a day…


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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I’m loving elements of style. I just subscribed to bloglines which I hoped would cut out some of the “transaction cost” time in my blogreading (i.e. checking blogs to see if they were updated) but I’m not sure, now that I’ve just subscribed to more and more.

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