Monday morning happiness

November 17, 2008 at 8:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

This made me happy this morning.  It comes on the heels of this article in yesterday’s NYTimes Styles Section about how all the Washington D.C.-schools are lobbying to get the Obama children to attend, and quotes an African-American mother:  

It’s the first time, she said, that she has seen Washington’s power people utterly agog over two black schoolgirls.

“Here are two little girls that everyone is fawning over, and they look like my kid,” Ms. LaRue-McAfee said. “That’s why I’m excited.”

Also, on a crisp Monday morning (when my little girl is in the emergency backup daycare downstairs because our nanny finally succumbed to the cold that ran rampant in our small apartment last week — I just love knowing Little Buggy is in the building), a few other small items of happiness:  the view out my window, a fresh flower in the bud vase my sister so thoughtfully gave me for graduation, and of course, the cozy, red Christmas cup of soy chai heaven.




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  1. I love that bud vase – I love that it’s a pear. And you’ve inspired me to go get a gerbera for the bud vase on my desk. And it’s funny that you mention the Starbucks Christmas cup – my office mate had the same reaction when she saw it the other day. She got a latte and said it made her feel happy and cheery to have the red cup sitting on her desk.

  2. I want a daisy and a red cheery cup.

  3. I’m so happy I could help make you happy! And isn’t that dress something…

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