What to wear: Lady Lawyer edition (follow up)

November 4, 2008 at 10:47 am | Posted in read this, the firm | Leave a comment
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Until my posts last week on the impending Massachusetts bar exam results, my previous most-viewed posts have been, as I’ve mentioned before, on clothes — what to wear while nursing and what to wear to work when you are a new associate a corporate law firm.  One of the struggles I have when buying clothes is finding flattering tops.  While I’d love to fill my wardrobe with colorful cashmere crewnecks and pretty cotton button down blouses, they just don’t flatter a woman with an, um, ample bosom.  My sister and I have known for years that we must stay away from the dreaded crewneck, gaping buttons, and the like, but we’ve also gradually learned what does work:  v-necks, boat necks, camisoles. 

To my delight, the blog Corpette (which focuses on fashion for the professional woman and is more interesting than that description makes it seem — it’s a new blog feed for me thanks to MissJillEsq) remarked on just this issue today.  You can read about it here — they have some pretty good tips for how to dress for work while minimizing your, um, bosom.  I’m just glad that a site devoted to fashion at least acknowledges that not all of us can blithely sweep into JCrew and buy every top there (as much as we long to!)


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