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October 29, 2008 at 8:49 am | Posted in NYC, the firm | 1 Comment
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Every US Air shuttle from Boston to New York was cancelled yesterday morning, so five of us — two partners, three associates — headed for South Station to get on the 11:15 Acela.  The associates got to South Station first, and the most senior of us decided that we would be upgrading to First Class on the train so we could kill the hour of wait time we had in the special first-class lounge.  She emailed the partners to let them know, but when the partners got to South Station to try to upgrade, there were no first class seats left.  Of course we offered ours up; of course they didn’t accept.  So the three of us sat in First Class chatting loudly and I’m sure annoying all the other travelers (half of whom we recognized from the US Air gate…).  And yes, we did have the free wine with our (shockingly good) first class lunch.

Our New York offices are just off Rockefeller Center (across the street and one block down from Radio City Music Hall).  I have always associated this part of midtown with corporate law offices — my father spent most of his career across the street at 30 Rock.  I do love being in New York — there’s an energy here that just makes you walk a bit faster, think a bit sharper.  The Halloween party was fun, and then a few of us had a late-night sushi run at Blue Fin in the W in Times Square.  Then off to my king size bed. 

I had an inordinate amount of trouble trying to work remotely from the hotel room — will have to call User Support for a remote access tutorial.  We have all sorts of complicated internet filing sites, which I can barely even figure out when I’m at my desk in Boston, so trying to do it from a hotel with spotty internet access was a nightmare. 

And now I do miss my baby, whom I won’t have put to bed for two nights in a row.  I don’t think that’s ever happened!  Will be very happy to get home tonight.  I suppose that’s always the nice thing about travel — the coming home.

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  1. and expensing a great steak dinner. =)

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