Do working (lawyer) moms work out?

October 22, 2008 at 2:32 pm | Posted in running, the firm, yoga | 1 Comment
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I have a query for any random Googlers out there who stumble upon this blog (or even my cadre of oh-so-loyal readers): if you are working full-time, and you have a baby, and you have a husband/partner who works full-time, how, when, and where do you exercise?

I feel sluggish and gross if I skip working out more than one or two days.  Moreover, the only time I can realistically work out is 5:30 a.m. before anyone else is up. I guess I should suck it up and get my butt out the door, but it’s getting coooolder and daaaarker. (I know: waaaahhh.) Anyway, creative suggestions and stories of triumph and motivation are welcome!


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  1. I wish I had a good answer here, but after almost 2 years I have yet to figure out when to work out. Will is awake by 6am so I can’t sneak in the early morning work-out (as I have to watch Will while Dave gets ready to be out the door by 7am). I’ve resigned myself to being fat and flabby. 🙂

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