I heart animals

October 11, 2008 at 8:21 pm | Posted in little bug, weekend | Leave a comment

Haha. No, not really. Anyone who knows me know that I do not really like being around anything with fur. (Is hate too strong a word?) Mostly because of my allergies. And, indeed, within 30 minutes of being at the zoo today, my nose was running and then in another 30 minutes I was sneezing uncontrollably — which I still am, nearly seven hours, a shower, and a Zyrtec later. However, my daughter seems to really like animals — she runs up to strange dogs we meet walking along the Comm. Ave. mall and KISSES THEM ON THE NOSE. So we figured it might be fun to take her to the Franklin Park Zoo. The only zoo I’ve even ever slightly enjoyed was the Singapore Zoo, where you can ride around in a train at night and view the animals in their night habitats — no walking, no close contact, no even really seeing them.

However, it was a perfect fall day. Searingly blue sky, warm sun. Tree tops streching upwards with a slight orange tinge. We met Kara, Jason, and little Will, and strolled around looking at ostriches, giraffes, and then some sleeping lions and kangaroos (Kara wondering if they were on anti-depressants). We had a lovely, unhealthy fried lunch at the Giddy-up Grill, and then when we got home all three of us passed out for a family nap until close to 5 p.m.! Again, as I’ve written about before, I’ve truly entered the realm of parenthood where we go out and look at animals — not something I particularly enjoy, but being with Little Buggy expands my margins of patience and increases my wells of enthusiasm.



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