October 5, 2008 at 6:30 pm | Posted in little bug | 2 Comments

Hooray! I have a camera phone! After a bit of miscommunication between me and the tech department, I got my phone number ported over to my work Blackberry, and managed to update to a nice, red Blackberry Curve in the process. I still covet an iPhone but am also not sure I’m ready to carry around two handhelds. The pictures are not too bad, no?

A very, very ordinary weekend which made it very, very nice. A tricycle ride, a neighborhood book fair, the playground, a family trip to Whole Foods for lunch and the week’s shop, dinner al fresco (albeit under a heat lamp) with Tim at Bouchee (that place is just so reliably satisfying: good wine list, good frites — even though my friend Katie is appalled that the wine glasses actually say “Bouchee” on them…), stopping by Christian and Sophie’s housewarming party in their gorgeous new place on Exeter (though Tim is kind of bitter that the guests were almost all lawyers who only wanted to talk about their new law firms — I plead guilty), reading most of the Times during naptime this morning, a trip to the Copley Mall so Tim could burn a birthday gift certificate, and I even read a novel* while Buggy slept this afternoon. Tim is now sitting in the luxury box at Fenway without me — I couldn’t convince him that I am his number one client and should be given a coveted ticket. But it’s OK — after I write this, I have to (gasp) work.

*OK, I’m reading a Janet Evanovich mystery. But her Stephanie Plum novels take place in Trenton, and while Trenton is miles and miles down the Turnpike from the leafy New York suburbs where I grew up — metaphorically, as well — she writes with a true sense of place (nailing the Jersey accents, the layout of the Marketfair! mall on Route 1 [those in the know will realize that the exclamation point is not a typo], the leaden color of the New Jersey sky in winter), something that has always drawn me to novels both lofty (see Wallace Stegner) and popular (see Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels and this post.)



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  1. I love the Marketfair!. How great was it when the Barnes & Noble opened up…

  2. I used to get high as hell in the MarketFair parking lot before catching a movie.

    Don’t tell Lil Buggy that.

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