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It takes me 39 mintues to get to work on the T (walking to the Hynes or Copley station, waiting for a crowded Green Line trolley to pull up, getting off at Park Street and then walking another 10 minutes to the office), and 38 minutes to just walk. So I guess I’ll be walking (as long as the weather is nice, after which point I might be environmentally and fiscally unsound and drive…). Fortunately, it’s a beautiful walk, as documented below (I have decided that until I can get an iPhone, I am just going to lug my camera around and pretend I have one…)

Commonwealth Avenue

The entrance to the Public Garden







The Public Garden







The Boston Common

Park Street (yes, I was standing in the middle of the street when I took this!)

The financial district. Note how empty it is. Were you to stop and take a photo in the NYC financial district you’d be run over by throngs of people.

My building — my office is way, way up there!

Most important: the Starbucks in the lobby of my building. I had wanted to take a picture of its morning chaos: a guy on a headset taking orders, three baristas making the drinks, and at least two dozen people standing around waiting in a far too crowded space. But Friday morning was strangely quiet. “Where is everyone?” I asked the barista, joking. Without missing a beat he says, “They all got laid off.” Ummm, ha ha?

And, finally, the view from my office on the 33rd floor of International Place. This is even the actual view from my desk, which is pushed up right against the window-wall. That’s the Harbor Hotel at the bottom of the frame and Logan Airport in the middle ground.


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