Epiphany: I’m a “parent”

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Last night, hurricane and all, we had dinner with two mom-friend couples. Meaning: they have children the same ages as the Little Bug, and over the past year we’ve shared babysitters, have had playdates, and have run into each other countless times at the playground and, of course, Starbucks. The two couples met up at Tuck a few years ago, and I was initially introduced to them through the mom who lived in our apartment before us (Collette’s mom).

We had a lot of fun — as former Tuck people, they can drink wine with the best of them (to be specific: us!) — and we even dashed through the monsoon to get one last drink in before heading home at an hour early enough to make the babysitters want to return. (Though was a Bellini at 11 p.m. a good idea? Not so sure.*) But I was struck with the same thought I had last weekend when we took Little Bug to the Boston Aquarium: I am now truly, fully ensconced in this new world of being a “parent.” A world where you stand in a ticket line, point out fish to your baby, buy her a stuffed penguin from the gift shop, feed her mass-produced grilled cheese and french fries (gasp) from the cafeteria, all the while dodging strollers and cranky kids. Where the shared experiences of rashes and fevers, babysitters, and pre-school admissions lay the groundwork for a certain form of friendship that gradually extends from the playground to grown-up restaurants (with wine!).

The girls (OK, women/moms — but I like to say “girls.” Makes me feel young.) from my Isis group are in a bit of a different category from what I’m trying to articulate above in that we were thrown together in those early, sleep-deprived, wonder-filled days, and we became friends almost out of raw emotion. And, wonderfully, though we live in different towns and now have very different schedules, we stay in close touch. But now I can consider several moms I know — all of whom live on my street, any one of whom I can and do run into daily just going about our parenting lives — legitimate friends. (My mother’s best friends to this day are, of course, the parents of my sisters’ and my friends…) And as Little Bug gets older and can now run heedlessly and joyously around the playground, as she can see a fish and say “fish!”, I emerge out of the infant world — where toting your baby around in the carseat doesn’t bring about as much interaction, I suppose? — into this new world of having a child

It’s pretty fun.

At the Aquarium — Labor Day

*Aside: despite said 11 p.m. Bellinis (and the preceding bottles of Rose, mmmmmm) I managed to run this morning, a fact I relate only to reiterate the wise counsel of Dr. French Fry:  two Advil and Pedialyte are always your friend!


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