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Morning, Long Beach Island, NJ, 2008.

Remember me? I used to have a blog. Then I took the bar exam, and here’s what happened after that:

1. I sat on my ass and drank white wine for two weeks (and played with my baby, but not while drinking, don’t worry.)
2. I went to Ellen and Wildon’s beautiful, happy, emotional wedding.
3. I went to the Jersey Shore for a week.
4. I came back and sat around again and drank more white wine. Our “no drinking on weeknights” rule (which has now been extended from Mon-Wed to include Thursday night as well, in the hopes of motivating us to get up and exercise on Fridays…) does not apply to me while on vacation.
5. I partied old-school, including comandeering (wish I were kidding) the dance floor at the Barrington Yacht Club (and having to wake up at 6 a.m. with a baby chirping in a nearby Pack’n’Play — ugh) and a fabulous, Ivy-era dinner party in Westport, where I stayed up later than I have in years and almost got to see a sneak preview of the new season of Gossip Girl (but I turned in too early) and also almost got myself quoted by a famous journalist about my obsession with said show.
7. Per a pre-bar exam bargain, I kept my promise to Tim to cook him dinner every night in August.
8. I woke up this past Tuesday and realized I start work in less than two weeks and went into full-on dealing mode, which includes redecorating my entire house, enrolling my child in stimulating “classes” (OK, just a music class with Janet and a Saturday “daddy-and-me” class with Tim), buying an entire work wardrobe, and working out like crazy to fit into said wardrobe.

I have kept journals in high school and then periodically throughout my adult life. When I keep them, I am meticulous and almost OCD about it: tiny, neat handwriting; unlined pages; black ball-point pen only. When I stop keeping them for more than a few days, however, it seems almost impossible to pick back up. How will I ever recount all that has happened? I get panicked about making up that lost time, and I feel the same way about this blog: much has happened, much has been discussed, both in my life and in the world that I have found myself thinking often over the past month, “I should write about this,” but felt too overwhelmed by my long absence. So bear with me, as I try to catch up a little bit on these lost weeks of beautiful, blissful freedom — spent wandering to Starbucks and then the duck pond in the mornings with my Little Bug, catching up with friends, reconnecting with the neighborhood moms in the playground, traveling here and there. Things I need to touch upon:

1. My redecoration project. I am SO pleased — thank you Erin Gates for your inspiration! Will post pics soon.
2. A long overdue post on how to go to law school with a baby.
3. Knowing what I know now, a post on how to take the bar exam with a child/children.
4. Sarah Palin. Not sure I can write about her sensibly yet, except to say that (1) every family is dysfunctional in their own way and I’m not judging; (2) I feel pretty bad for her future “son-in-law”, whom someone gave a haircut and slapped on a flag pin yesterday and told him to hold hands with his “fiance”; (3) she’s a good speaker, and I’m really, really worried.

So, to my now more meager-than-ever readership, I’m back! D-day is September 15, at which point my little world will be meticulously organized enough for me to embark on my new life as a lady lawyer.

The BC Law girls at Ellen’s wedding. Sans Ellen.



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  1. Welcome back! And thanks for posting that great photo of us. I should thank Nell for stooping a little to make me look of average height. (Adam agrees it is a nice photo but says it’s not as nice as the one of the men to whom we all are attached. Oh, and somehow wordpress has stripped me of my former identity – this is KHC.)

  2. I am so worked up about Palin. This is a little excerpt from an email exchange I had this morning with Jenny K:

    I think Palin is a terrifying choice as a running mate. It’s degrading to compare her to Hillary. The only thing the two of them have in common is a vagina. And if McCain thought he would get Hillary voters by nominating her, I hope he’s wrong.

    She is very scary: the creationism thing, the trooper-gate thing, the anti-choice, anti-environment, pro-gun, pro-drilling in Alaska and even the fact that they’re trying to justify her foreign policy experience by saying that Alaska is the closest state to Russia. What!? I heard Cindy McCain say that and I thought – oh that was a stupid mistake, but she’s not the one running – but then I heard other Republican pundits AND EVEN JOHN McCAIN repeat that statement. Steven Colbert said it best when he said, using that logic: the state of Alaska contains Mt. McKinley which is the highest mountain in the U.S., which means it’s the closest to space, which means that Palin has the most space policy experience – how ridiculous. I can’t even tell you how scared I am about having her a heartbeat away from running the United States. McCain has had cancer 3 or 4 times and is 72.

    As for this week’s scandals, like her daughter’s pregnancy, the Republicans are saying “back off, it’s a private family matter.” I totally AGREE with them. I think it IS a private family matter as are the reproductive choices of ALL AMERICAN WOMEN and they’ve been trying to legislate those for the last 30 years. What hypocrites. And as for Palin being a mother and trying to be the Vice President, I don’t disagree with that choice at all. Women have to make these decisions every day in this country and if she thinks she can do it, and that she has a great support system, then good for her. But as my mom said, the choice to question is the one she made to accept the nomination when she knew it would turn her pregnant, teenage daughter into tabloid road kill. What does that say about her character? And don’t even get me started on the “Country First” business. She and her husband were members of a group that pushed for Alaskan succession from the United States! Seriously. (http://medianation.blogspot.com/2008/09/jeremiah-wrights-running-mate.html)

  3. glad you’re back.

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