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I just don’t think I can study any more. I need to, but every time I get a wrong answer I freak out (even though I need to only shoot for a C-!!!) The ever-wise Ellen sent me this picture of her, Nell, and me about to cross the finish line of the half marathon we did this spring. I (in the white hat on the right) look sort of hunched over and slow, but the metaphor is clear — you’re not going to stop with a mile to go, right? Tim has been likening this process to the Boston Marathon all along. Two weeks ago, when the BarBri classes ended, we were just out of Wellesley, running past the firehouse, and up our first of the three hills in Newton — reaching the first false summit. After that, there was another hill and false summit, and now I think we are officially in the Heartbreak Hill part of the metaphor. When I ran the marathon for real in 1997, at the bottom of Heartbreak Hill a little boy tried to offer me chocolate cake. I turned him down then (because even I, a 10-minute-miler, cannot eat chocolate cake before running up a hill, as sweet as the gesture was), but I think now I shall go in search of chocolate…

Motivation of a different sort — come next Friday…



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  1. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you. (How did you know I was floundering, whining, and being just disagreeable overall?)

    I also note that we have both posted recently about 1) deliveries of baked goods and 2) high school. Except you were much nicer about high school because you’re a better person than I am.

  2. No, I’m just older!

  3. almost there almost there almost there

  4. Is Contracts on the exam?

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