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… I meant to leave as a link — in case all you are desperate for some blog-reading while I’m on hiatus — to Dr. French Fry, written by a witty, eloquent medical student (wonder who that could be?) I particularly direct your attention to the post on the wonders of Pedialyte, whose elixir-like effect I was first introduced to by my friend Melissa, while on a ski vacation in Steamboat. On the way home from a bar one night, she made us detour to the drug store to buy Pedialyte so we would be ready to hit the mountain early the next morning. I dismissed it as a strange remnant from her ski-bum days, but I dutifully drank it.  When I woke up the next morning feeling fine, I attributed my clarity to the fact that I just hadn’t probably drank all that much to begin with (doubtful).

However, I re-remembered her Pedialyte pit-stop before a recent bachelorette weekend. And now I can say with all surety: it’s truly a miracle worker. Between Dr. French Fry’s post –even though she mocks us “normal people” for liking to talk about it so much — and last fall’s Times article on how and when athletes use it, Pedialyte seems to be making a comeback, something all you bar-exam takers should take note of as you drink your little faces off the first week in August.


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