A happy weekend

June 29, 2008 at 6:02 pm | Posted in little bug, Massholes, wine | 1 Comment
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Not so much studying, but lots of family and friends. Priorities, priorities! Mimi (aka, my mom) was here from Thursday through this morning, which meant we also got to see lots of Auntie Jen and Uncle Dav, and Auntie Erin.  Friday night was a bit too much wine (although it was a wine tasting), but I had sort of anticipated that Saturday would be a wash from the start, so didn’t beat myself up too much for not really working. 

The Public Garden in the Murphy family seat

Summers, I’m beginning to learn, are Murphy family visiting season.  Various Murphy siblings descend from the opposite coast, from across the pond, and from down South for their annual pilgrammage to Boston (seat of this Murphy clan and, of course, many, many others!)  Last week we saw Susan and her kids from Ireland; today it was Karen and Ryan from Texas.  For the Fourth it will be all of them plus more (Paula and Griffin, Stephanie and her family, Babs — there are lots and lots of  Murphy’s…) in Falmouth. 

Tonight is our Sunday night ritual of pasta and pesto and a few Arrested Developments — we’re almost done with season three, the final season, but are buoyed by the news of a 2009 Arrested Development movie.  Are we cliche?  Decide for yourself, here.


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  1. What a fun night on Friday! Thanks for making the time, amid Bar study madness and lots of family visits. I still haven’t seen the mystical last four episodes of Arrested Development. It’s one of those life goals I have left out there for myself to get me through the bar exam…

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