My new wheels

June 26, 2008 at 2:03 pm | Posted in law school | 1 Comment
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I was inspired by this post.  And this post.  And I was uninspired by: my last trip to the gas station; sitting in a freezing cold basement classroom and/or the library at BC Law for another day when I have, in fact, graduated; and the Mass Pike.  Now I breeze down Marlborough Street, across the Public Garden (though on my way home today I noticed the signs on the gates to the Garden saying “No Bicycling.” Oops…), and then up through the Common, parking my bike at Suffolk Law precisely 10 minutes after I set off from my house.  I haven’t been caught in a rainstorm yet, nor has it been too hot, so, after a week of hopefully reducing my carbon footprint, so far, so good.  I’m currently borrowing my friend Erin’s bike (which had been lying dormant in her living room for about a year, she assures me), but could get inspired enough to get my own so that I can bike to work in the fall, which will be a much quicker commute than either walking or the T.  But for now, maybe I’m doing my own small part for the environment and the family budget (albeit, sadly, small small small on both accounts).

(As an aside, Suffolk Law School is gorgeous.  By far the nicest law school I have ever been in, in a perfect location to boot.)


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  1. I can see that my bike is indeed much happier to be in your life and than in my living room. I love your blog too, Kate. Do you sleep… ever?

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