Which heels should I wear to bar review today?

June 9, 2008 at 7:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Just like these.  To bar review.  Every day.

(This is bar-review related, but it’s not exactly a complaint, so therefore doesn’t count towards my bar review moratorium.)  There is a girl who sits in the row ahead of me at BarBri class who rolls in every day at 9:30 dressed like she’s going clubbing:  halter tops (the room is 60 DEGREES!), tight jeans, and — I’m not kidding — four-inch platform, stiletto, peep-toed, patent heels.  As Kara would say, F- M- heels.  TO BAR REVIEW CLASS.  She has a little cohort of friends (I have no idea where they went to law school.  BU?  Northeastern? Harvard?  Suffolk?)  who also dress way too nice for the occasion:  always heels and “going out” tops and hauling their heavy review materials around in leather Coach- or LV-logo bags.  But her heels, in particular, continue to amaze me.  I find myself looking forward to see what she’s going to rock out in each day.  I’m not making fun of her because she and her friends look great.  It’s just rather unfathomable to me, someone who has officially given up on cute summer clothes, albeit more because of the arctic blasts of air-conditioning than the fact that, in the end, I am spending my mornings in a windowless, basement room for BAR REVIEW.  I now keep a fleece in the car.  And once you are wearing a fleece in June, who cares what else you have on.




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  1. I an fascinated by this. I have missed this entirely. Will have to make an effort to look for little miss “Sex and the Barbri”

    PS. I didn’t shower before coming to Barbri today. I still haven’t.

  2. if i were shorter, and if i had normally shaped feet that didn’t hurt in any pair of shoes that are not sneakers, i might wear shoes like that every day.

  3. You’re a better person than I am. If I were there, I’d totally make fun of her.

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