It’s a marathon, not a sprint…

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Where would you rather spend the next seven weeks? I thought so…

…is what all the bar exam-review people tell you, over and over. That being said, it’s a marathon being run on a 95 degree day and you are so slow that all the water stations have run out of water. And unlike, say, the Maui or the Sonoma Wine Country marathon, it’s in some place you’d never really want to visit, such as Camden.

I’m at least five days behind the Barbri “paced program.”  I haven’t even received my PMBR books in the mail, even though the chipper rep told me that I should be doing 50 of their multiple choice questions a night ON TOP of the Barbri work.  What?  Who has time to do that?  I guess you do if you get up, study, come home, study, and never exercise or eat or talk to anyone.  Or maybe even sleep.  Or are just really, really efficient.  I have done just a couple multiple choice and essay questions, and it takes me far, far too long to outline my class notes from that day.  This is, admittedly, because I am so type-A.  Is everything properly bolded, underlined, italicized, and highlighted where necessary? Even though IT DOESN’T MATTER because, unlike law school, you can’t take the outlines into the exam with you, I don’t feel like I can move through the outlining process without understanding every step. This is not the Barbri way, but I can’t let go…and I’m slipping behind.  That and also the fact that I spend a good deal of time that others are spending studying with the Little Bug.  Which is only proper and of course I want to (especially because she is growing and learning and developing by leaps and bounds every day.  I mean, my child can say, “woof woof woof” when she sees a dog!  Who would have thought?), but it makes me anxious.  And somewhat resentful — not of her, obviously, but of myself and for some strange reason, others who have more time to study than I do.  I got through law school with a baby, surely I can get through the bar?  At least I’m not the poor woman trying to pump milk in the bathroom for her two-month-old in full view of everyone during the 10 minute break, right? (I asked her if there was anything I could do to help, and she snapped at me, and probably rightly so — I guess I wouldn’t want someone talking to me were I in the middle of pumping in a public place…)  And so I go into avoidance mode: I don’t want to talk to anyone for fear that I might learn from them how much more they are doing than I am — even though, in the end, it’s obviously not a competition, and it’s highly likely that I will, in fact, pass.

Here’s my promise to myself and to you, my dozen(s?) of faithful readers: I will make an effort to post every (OK, at least every other) day about something non-bar review related.  If you are only reading this blog, this might keep you coming back despite my sore lack of posts the past few weeks.  If you know me, it might make you want to still be my friend after all this is over…



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  1. Kathryn, I’ve yet to even open a book that has a practice question in it. It took me parts of six days to outline my property notes. And I haven’t begun to outline three subjects’ worth. So you are not alone. I think we’re right to feel anxious – it’s what will keep us going in this marathon. But at the same time, we do have some time (if only a little) before panic mode should really set in. So I say enjoy the next week or two as much as you can before the misery really manifests.

  2. Don’t worry. You’re smart, you went to a good law school, and you’ll do fine on the bar exam. Another old saw that you shold be hearing around now is that the “best” grade on the bar is one more than you need to pass. It means you studied enough, and not a whole lot more than you needed to.

    So yes please, keep exercising, enjoying your child, and studying a reasonable amount. But those “recommendations” were made up. There’s nothing remotely scientific about them. So feel free to ignore them.

  3. Thanks for the support, Rosemary and Lindsey! I feel much better today having written that post, even…

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