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I’m not exactly sure who is reading this blog, but I do know some of you, so enjoy:  You know who you are.

(Picture thanks to Vodka has no carbs, who has declared Angie its Patron Saint of Hotness)

There are two writers of this blog — one is the woman who writes Decorno (as in decor-porno — her theory is that decorating magazines are some people’s porn — yes, ME! They are my porn, even though as a feminist I am generally anti-porn on principle). She is hilarious. And her co-writer describes herself as a “lady lawyer,” which was almost the name of this blog. Need I say more.

Also, sometimes when you are busy with writing about Justice Breyer and trying not to indulge on ice cream while you do so (get it? BREYER’S? — thanks a lot, Jill, for planting that in my head. Now I can’t forget about mint-chip as I mangle First Amendment standards of scrutiny), you might have to mail in a blog post or two and simply make some links or lists (lest people think you’re dead, right?)… Consider this one such post.

So, while I’m at it, another recent blog discovery is I think this world is perfect. It’s sweetly written (with really fine quality pictures) and is nice to read even if you don’t have kids — it doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of “mommy blogs” (and not even because it’s written by a dad…). I think in the blogosphere when you find a blog courtesy of another blog, you are supposed to give something called a “hat tip”?  (At least that’s what Pax Arcana does, and he’s a veritable professional.) So a hat tip to The Happiness Project, whose brilliance seems to grow with every post (maybe because I’m just a sucker for self-improvement anything? Hello, Oprah!). Even as my jealously of Gretchen Rubin grows (she was a clerk for Sandra Day O’Connor, is now a successful writer, and somehow manages to work out every day…), I also love her more and more. Can you have a blog crush?

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