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April 14, 2008 at 8:03 pm | Posted in law school, read this, the media | 1 Comment
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Am putting myself on finals lockdown for the next two weeks, which for me means writing three very large papers that I have, of course, known about for months and months. I did, however, want to post a link to Marci Alboher’s Times blog, Shifting Careers, as well as to her personal website,  Marci is a big believer in the “slash” (as in, actor/director) and believes that not being able to give a simple response to the question, “What do you do?” is actually a good thing.  Instead, professional happiness might be a direct result of embracing diverse interests, and she explores this idea in her book, One Person/Multiple Careers.  For example, you could be a teacher/writer, a doctor/violin maker, or a lawyer/model (heh heh).

I am a writer/barista/teacher/wine store employee/editor/nanny/lawyer and have always been somewhat uncomfortable about my many slashes (and how they translate on my resume).  Marci’s theory, then, cheers me right up, and I especially appreciate her thoughts and articles on being a lawyer/something.  She and I actually share three of the same slashes (writer/teacher/lawyer, although our trajectories are reversed), and as a result just had a nice email exchange.  I will write more about this concept and about Marci soon, but, alas, I must return to the world of Justice Breyer (yet again…)
Such a distraction


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  1. I like how you tagged this “Justice Breyers.” I often find myself oddly craving ice cream when I read his opinions. 🙂

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