April 7, 2008 at 5:27 pm | Posted in running | 3 Comments
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Gold medals

We did it — in 40 degree mist and over a whole lot of unexpected hills — finishing the Great Bay Half Marathon up in Newmarket, NH. Emily, of course, made a friend in the first 100 yards and took off ahead of the rest of us, chatting up a police officer from her town (not a bad move, actually…). I hadn’t expected to run with Ellen and Nell the whole way — I thought I’d chat with them until it got tough for me, then would put on my iPod and zone out. But we stuck together the whole way, keeping a 10 minute/mile pace and managing not to walk either (I also thought I’d have to walk for a minute every two miles or so). After a few beers and some Mexican food post-race, I slept long and hard — and feel pretty good today. Onward to May 25 — we’ll attempt another one on the Sunday of graduation weekend to keep us honest!



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  1. Congrats from the folks at Pax Arcana (I’m commenting because Pax is too busy kneeling before his iPhone, which just reorganized his closet, cooked him stew, and impregnated the vivacious and learned Mrs. Pax Arcana for him).

  2. […] Congrats to the ladies of Marbury v. Madison Ave. for completing a half-marathon. [Marbury v. Madison […]

  3. So impressive! If I had know you would get medals, maybe I would have made the switch from elliptical to treadmill and trained for the half-marathon!

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