Rite of passage

April 3, 2008 at 9:15 am | Posted in little bug | Leave a comment

Quick math quiz: 
(1) Husband traveling + puking kid = x hours of sleep. Find x.
(2) If baby pukes every 30 minutes, and you use 1.5 diaper clothes per puke, and you can put 10 diaper clothes + 2 towels + one crib sheet in the laundry, how many loads will you do?
(3) If your kid is puking and you are supposed to run a 1/2 marathon in three days, what are the odds that you will start to puke in exactly 2 days?

I spent Tuesday night with Little Bug my bed, tipping her onto her side everytime her stomach rumbled (which was loudly and often) and putting a diaper cloth under her mouth. Yesterday was a Pedialyte day, with an anxious mom home from work and a saintly babysitter calming her and helping her do six loads of crib sheets, jammies, and towels. Little Bug seems better today, if not a bit listless and sad. Maybe she’s just hungry now.

I suppose being covered in your baby’s throw-up is a rite of passage in motherhood. A friend told me this morning that those long nights with her baby in her bed, cleaning him up as he vomited in his sleep every 20 minutes, were some of her fondest memories of her infant. I know exactly what she means.


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