Live blogging the movie shoot

April 3, 2008 at 6:24 pm | Posted in celebrity obsession | 1 Comment

Despite Janet’s best intentions (and despite, perhaps, that I came home to find Little Bug with one of those elastic bow headbands around her head…it must have been attached to the new outfit someone gave us long ago after she was born and that Janet found in her closet and donned her in for her potential movie debut. Horrifying. It was quickly “lost”…), she did not get the baby discovered. But that might because apparently today’s activity was all set-up.  In fact, they are filming the movie RIGHT NOW out on Marlborough Street. It is called “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” There is a huge eight-story crane with flood lights (think Fenway Park) sitting in the intersection right outside our bedroom window (it is all blocked off by police cars), shining daylight down on Marlborough Street. I ran by the set on my run tonight both on the way out and coming back — and couldn’t really see anything either time. Looks like they are shooting in and just outside of a private home halfway down the block between Gloucester and Fairfield. There are a whole bunch of gawkers with cameras (maybe some real paparazzi!) across the street. I could, however, smell the catering truck. Am now showered and in pajamas and yet still fighting the urge to put shoes on and walk down there… you’d think I’d never lived in L.A. and actually worked for the paparazzi…

Also pretending that this tiny bit of nausea I feel is merely hunger… mind over matter!!!


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  1. It’s all for the best that Little Bug was not discovered yet. You don’t want her to go the route of child stars Macauley Culkin and Dano Plato. I see her as an Anne Hathaway in fifteen years, but blonde, of course. Classy, beautiful, and not snorting coke.

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