Important question re: celebrity baby registry

April 3, 2008 at 9:48 am | Posted in celebrity obsession | Leave a comment

I have two friends who are my go-to celebrity gossip aficionados, and when the three of us get together — an MBA,  doctor, and lawyer (don’t worry, I’m not going to out you…) — our conversation inevitably touches on what we’ve recently read on Perez, Go Fug Yourself, People, US Weekly, In Style, etc. We are concerned about Renee’s recently tragic hair (and consistently annoying pursed-lip “smile”), Gwyneth’s need for a trim (she just got one! Yay!), and Christina’s prematurely scheduled c-section (three weeks early, for convenience’s sake — what doctor in his right mind would OK that?). We are the demographic who keeps all these places in rolling in advertising revenue, seriously. We should know better.

Anyway, one of us (the doctor) recently checked out Jamie Lynn Spears’, J. Lo’s, and Halle Berry’s baby registries on Babies R Us. First of all (1) she DID spend time doing this, but (2) she nevertheless is fully aware that they probably are all fake. I mean, do you think J. Lo is really going to register at Babies R Us? According to US Weekly, if you are a star, you register at a place called for $500 cashmere onesies and $2500 antique prams… And she has an astute query: who is creating these fake baby registries? Is it the manufacturers, who want people to think, “Well, if Halle Berry uses Pampers, maybe I should too?” Or is it random Jane Doe who thinks that J. Lo fans will fall for it, buy some crib sheets for J. Lo (because who wouldn’t want to send her favorite celeb a baby gift?) that will instead actually be sent to the scheming Jane Doe?

P.S. Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner are filming a movie in front of my building today. I told Janet to make sure to promenade the Little Bug by a few times to get her discovered.

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