I love lists!: magazine over-consumption edition

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I popped up to Christopher’s in Porter Square last night to meet Lindsey and Alison for a quick sauv blanc (since LMR was there, on the rocks, natch) after “work.” It was a warm and lively night at Porter, and it made me miss living in Cambridge. Our conversation was fun and fast, and during its course, Lindsey urged me to share a few lists on my blog. What a good idea because, as it turns out, I love lists! (See someone who has cornered this blog niche, here.) As Lindsey and I lamented the fact that we are too ADD these days to actually read real books (Alison apparently is far too erudite to subsist on magazines, as we do), the first such list is the ridiculous number of magazines I consume each month. Tim gives me a hard time for this, but considering my vices are pretty much limited to Starbucks and magazines (wine is an elixir, not a vice), I would counter that it could be worse.  

US Weekly (yes, I do subscribe to both…)
The New Yorker
Sports Illustrated (Tim gets this, along with half-a-dozen golf publications—one of which, Women’s Golf, is inexplicably addressed to me—but I actually do read portions of SI from time to time. I have always thought that sports writing can be some of the most creative and fun to read journalism.)
Cooking Light
In Style
Real Simple
O at Home
Yoga Journal
PAW (I do read it! Every week!)

And then, if the cover happens to be intriguing that month, I’ll pick up at the grocery store or drug store:

Boston Magazine (I like to see what Boston freelancers are in there, e.g., Jeff Klineman)
Vanity Fair

Marie Claire (have a friend who is an editor there)
Elle Décor

Metropolitan Home (have a friend who is an editor there)

Bon Appetit (to see if any of Amy’s pieces have made it in)  

Entertainment Weekly (though I buy this less now that Troy has left)

Runner’s World (it’s true: I buy it when I need to get inspired)


I can justify some of this because I used to be in the “business” – I like to look at the mastheads and see who is doing and writing what. But I could and should cut back on the subscriptions. Fitness, for example, is a total waste.  I also rarely read through Parenting, but for some reason get it for free (I think it came with a 1-800-Diapers.com membership?).  And it’s not like I’m pulling recipes out of Cooking Light these days. But when a big, fat In Style, Domino, or Vogue appears once a month, I look forward to climbing into bed that night. And the weekly People and US Weekly delivery is like a martini in the mailbox – utter Friday night brain candy.


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