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March 26, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Posted in read this | 2 Comments

It’s been a busy few days in the Back Bay: family in town for Easter (which we celebrated on Saturday, just because…), the endless writing of papers (or, more accurately, not writing them, which is the problem), and the morphing of my placid, happy baby into a teething monster. Actually, I feel terribly sorry for her, as it must be awful to have sharp teeth smashing their way through your sore baby gums. Anyway, some of my six or so loyal readers have been wondering what has happened to my posts, so I’ll throw up a few quick things:

First, this story by Times wine columist (is there  abetter job?) Eric Asimov asking whether or not he should introduce his teenage boys to wine at their dinner table.  My friends who are European or who were partly raised in Europe have a much better approach to drinking (i.e., I rarely see them overserved) than most people. I plan on mixing wine and water in the Little Bug’s sippy cup as soon as possible (kidding!). (That being said, when Tim checked in from South Carolina last night, he reported that his colleagues were extolling the benefits of hard liquor on the gums. First of all, is this 1880? Second of all, you are taking teething advice on a “business golf” trip? I’ll stick to Infant Tylenol, thanks…)

Second, did the Sunday Styles really have a piece on a cappella last week? Or was I hungover? Oh wait, no, I wasn’t hungover. Behold this wonder (quoting the actor Ed Helms was a brilliant piece of journalistic sourcing, no?), on which I can’t even bring myself to comment, except to note that (a) I have sung with all of the groups appearing in the article and (b) they didn’t mention one women’s group.  Both observations, of course, only serve to suggest that such a piece was not as wasted as I’d like to think (and, perhaps, that this merely was the millionth example of an “I should have pitched that/I could’ve written it better”-story).

Finally, if you have HBO, you should be DVR’ing the original series, “John Adams.” I love historical fiction, David McCullough (though my professor brother-in-law and his historian friends apparently pooh-pooh McCullough as a sell-out…), Tom Wilkinson, and Laura Linney. Paul Giamatti as John Adams is a bit confusing, but I’m overlooking that.


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  1. Hey Kathryn – I’m sure that I’m the thousandth person to contact you post-guest On Balance blog, but just wanted to let you know how nice it is to know that there are other looming first-year associates out there who are giving some thought to work-life issues. I’m clerking now and due with our first in September – approximately four months before I’ll start my biglaw job in DC.

    I don’t delude myself that the balance issues I’ll face as a young associate are hugely different than those that all working mothers face – ultimately, I’m with you that everyone just has to find solutions that work for their marriages and children – but it would be nice to have a group of other young lawyers/law students with families to touch base with.

    Hope this finds you well in your last (!) semester of law school.


  2. You will also remember that the lovely and regal Mrs. Pax Arcana once sang a cappella with Ed Helms in person. Drunk. At a Christmas party. At his house. At like 4 a.m.

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