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March 19, 2008 at 9:24 am | Posted in read this | 2 Comments

Recently I have begun to receive comments and emails from strangers who find my blog when they Google things like, “Can I be a mother and a first-year lawyer” or “feel like I failed the MPRE”.  One woman wrote to ask if her son should attend B.C. Law next year (“a mother’s work is never done,” she explained).  It would be nice if the trajectory of this blog could actually start to swing towards the helpful:  recently I read a blog about how to write a successful blog and was counseled to never write anything that is not helpful.  That doesn’t to be the m.o. for a lot of writers (see, e.g., Pax Arcana, a site which may be helpful only if you want to kill zombies).  Nevertheless, now that I waste far too much time on my Google RSS feed every day, I’ve begun to notice that highly successful blogs, such as Decor8 or Zen Habits (who each have tens of thousands of hits a day) are far more journalistic than solipsistic, despite their use of the first person.  I still can’t quite believe that people can make a living being “bloggers” (like these guys), but I suppose it’s just the changing nature of journalism. 

Also: My patron saint of the blogosphere, Leslie Morgan Steiner, discusses in her “On Balance” column today whether or not there is a balance between love and marriage.  The piece is reflective (sort of) of a post I wrote a few weeks ago, here

Update:  Since this post is about blogging, a query to any wordpress users out there:  Why can’t I get my spacing and fonts consistent from post to post? See above post where I can’t get spaces in between the paragraphs and the font is Times New Roman.



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  1. This is a great conversation to start. Since you’ve referenced my blog, decor8, I have to leave a comment. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Re: WordPress: The line breaks sometimes get screwy if you’re cutting and pasting from a different source (though there are other reasons it gets screwy, too). The way to fix it, usually, is to click on the CODE tab in the editor and look for goofy HTML things that don’t belong. Delete those and then go back to the TEXT editor and space accordingly.

    Re: Pax Arcana: We like to think we help people with more than just killing zombies. Sometimes we warn the populace about robots, which is service journalism at its finest.

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