Saturday, post-flu

March 15, 2008 at 12:48 pm | Posted in law school, little bug | 2 Comments

Leaving the sordidness of national politics behind (except to remark that I am growing increasingly annoyed with the Clinton campaign’s attempt to count the Florida and Michigan delegates; as Barack Obama said yesterday morning on NPR, “Even my six-year-old could tell you that that’s not fair…”) a quick Saturday post-flu post:  The Little Bug is, I think, finally teething — she was eight months yesterday and still is, as her babysitter calls her, a “gummy girl” — but at last I see a little white starting to poke through that bottom gum and, for the first time ever, she threw a true fit when I tried to put her down to nap this afternoon.  Crying so hard she was shaking and snarfling.  I couldn’t leave her in her crib in such a state, so we walked around the house and waved at the baby in all the mirrors and looked out the window.  And she had a little grape infant Tylenol and went back down, but not without some more crying.  Her personality has become a bit less placid as of late:  when you take something away from her that she’s still interested in (my Blackberry being a prime example), she “whines,” and she is so fidgety on the changing table that I’m afraid she’s going to throw herself off!  I brought her to seminar with me yesterday, which was a mistake:  first, because, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was on the verge of a sudden, violent 24-hour stomach bug (I was feeling sort of shaky and achy in class), so wasn’t really focusing on her as much as I should have been (nor on the class for that matter); also, she no longer really likes to be held when she’d rather be crawling.  And she wanted to crawl for most of class.  We had to pack up and leave early when she started getting tired — a huge distraction for everyone.  My professor loves babies and I know in general doesn’t mind me bringing her, but I think we were pretty disruptive.  I could barely make it home from class, and as soon as I put her down for a nap, I collapsed.  Fortunately, Tim knocked off a bit early and took over for me, and I spent the rest of the evening shaking and feverish and achy in bed.  Feeling OK this morning, but still am afraid to eat anything except gatorade. Those who know me know that when I have no appetite, something is definitely wrong.  My aunt lost eight pounds when she had this, and I heard that a golfer on the Tour lost 18 after a bout with the stomach flu.  So maybe there will be an upside (ha).

Am about to start a 45-page paper, which is due on Monday.  I was, of course, going to work on it all night last night, but clearly that was not going to happen.  Tim’s nephew Ryan is in town from Texas doing a college tour on his spring break, so Tim is tied up roaming around Harvard, BC, Tufts, etc. (in the rain), and can’t watch the Bug.  Fortunately, Jen and Davin are going to come over and play with the baby while I try to crank this thing out.  I have had the topic of this paper since early October, which just goes to show that once a journalist, always a journalist — I need deadlines to motivate me.  If anyone has any thoughts on Justice Breyer’s First Amendment jurisprudence as reflected in his decisions on campaign finance, please do let me know.

The other upside of the flu is that I do not feel compelled to do a 10-mile training run (in this yucky weather) and can put that off until perhaps Monday, when the paper is finished.


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  1. Hang in there Kathryn. May 23 is just around the corner.

  2. Jen + Pax Arcana + Bug = Hot uncle sandwich on cutie bread.

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