Sunday 10: procrastination edition

March 3, 2008 at 2:29 pm | Posted in read this | Leave a comment

Once again blatantly stealing from my friends at Pax Arcana, today marks the return of the Sunday 10:  my weekly picks from the Sunday Times.  Although this week may be more of a Sunday “6” (my attention to the paper being somewhat hampered by visitors, school work, and general fatigue) And this little category hasn’t quite made it to “weekly” status yet.  Nevertheless, here they are.

The Styles section was pretty good this week.  I bet Tim that he couldn’t pull off Mark Bittman’s feat of 24 hours without electronic gadgets.  (“Why would I do that?” he inquired.  To relax?  “What if my gadgets relax me?”)  Also, I liked the reality check on the proliferation on doulas and lactation consultants.  I will write more on this later, as I have some strong feelings on both, as well as on the conflicting pressures new mothers get from the medical establishment versus “healthy” or “natural” childbirth advocates.  Stay tuned.

I hate Scrabble.  But I love Scrabulous on Facebook, so really enjoyed the front page piece on the guys who invented it and the pushback they are getting from Hasbro and Mattel.  (By the way, did anyone else think the front page was sort of strangely laid out this week?  Lots of white space…)

The Magazine’s cover story was on single-sex education in public schools. I have always thought that junior high school should be single-sex no matter what (does any adolescent girl emerge from those years unscathed?).  But in the circumstances described in the article, single-sex elementary school is an intriguing solution to some real problems.

Love him or hate him, Frank Rich is at the very least predictable.  This week, I agree with him 100%.  John McCain is appealing to many Democrats because he is so un-Republican.  But if you look closely, he’s tricky.

The Week in Review also had a great Op-Ed in which certain former presidential candidates weighed in about what they’d be talking about now were they still running.  No matter who wins the Democratic nomination, I think either Hillary or Obama would be smart to choose Biden as the vice presidential candidate.  He is so impressive – and established and credentialed – in foreign affairs.  Sam Brownback is nuts.


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